AEW All Out 2021: Are you not entertained, for cryin’ outloud?

AEW All Out

We are LIVE! from the NOW Arena in Chicago, Illinois for AEW All Out!

Your announce team is made up of Tony Schiavonae, Excalibur, and Jim Ross.

AEW Television Championship Match: Eddie Kingston vs. Miro (c)

Eddie looks fired up coming to the ring and Miro looks incredible. Miro shoves Eddie before the bell and Eddie just beckons Miro to fight. The crowd is HOT right now. Miro runs at Eddie but Eddie puts Miro in a headlock. After a break, the two grapple through several holds but neither hits a move. Miro bails for a bit before coming back into the ring. Eddie pokes Miro in the eyes and slaps him in the corner. He hits Machine Gun Chops in the corner and then hits a nice suplex to send Miro out of the ring. The crowd is way behind Eddie, chanting like mad. Outside, Miro gets the upper hand and begins tossing Eddie around into the crowd railing. Finally, Eddie comes back and boots Miro in the face. Kingston attempts to dive at Miro off the mat, but Miro catches him and counters with a powerslam. Miro picks Eddie up and slams him into the ringpost. Back in the ring, Miro bites Eddie’s hand hard. Miro kicks at Eddie but Eddie gets pissed and attempts to get up. Finally, he does and starts slapping Miro. Miro just knees Eddie in the stomach and then hits elbow drops for a one-count. Miro locks in a sleeper as the crowd chants Eddie’s name. Eddie gets to his feet and breaks it and begins hitting chops. Miro hits a dropkick and then asks the crowd to boo him. He smashes Eddie in the corner but Eddie chops his way out. Miro lunges but misses and Eddie hits a jumping Enzuguri to put Miro outside. Eddie tries to dive at Miro but Miro decks him. Miro comes back in — but Eddie immediately hits a side suplex. Both men go down but Miro gets up at about the same time Eddie does and hits Eddie in the head. Eddie comes back again with several chops but MIro just throws punches. Eddie chops back and hits two side suplexes, getting two from the ref. Eddie signals for the spinning backfist — but Miro bails from the ring. Kingston runs at Miro and hits a diving Suicida. Back in the ring, Miro misses his leaping kick and Eddie hits a PerfectPlex for two. Both men get to their feet and look banged up. Eddie runs at Miro but misses and Rusev hits elbows to Eddie’s kidneys from behind. Miro hits a suplex and then kicks Eddie in the head. Miro hits the Game Over — but Eddie gets to the ropes, much to Miro’s surprise. Eddie nails Miro and hits a DDT and it’s a HUGE near fall that would have been a three if the ref was in position. The crowd is PISSED at this. The turnbuckle pad is ripped off of the corner. Eddie fights Miro into the corner — but they nearly hit the ref in doing so as the crowd yells “YOU FUCKED UP” at the ref. Miro hits a low blow out of view of the ref, then the big kick and it’s Game Over. Miro retains the title at 13:23.

WINNER AND STILL CHAMPION: Miro. ***1/2 match to start. Crowd was hot and these two left it all in the ring. Great way to kick off the show.

We go over tonight’s card.

Satoshi Kojima vs. Jon Moxley

I wonder how much money AEW has to be able to have the rights to use the Major League version of “Wild Thing” as well as “Where Is My Mind”, “Tarzan Boy”, and “Cult of Personality”. Kojima wants a handshake but Moxley just slaps at Kojima’s hand and flips him off. The two trade chops and punches and it’s a slugfest to start. Kojima hits a shoulder tackle and then flexes his pecs for the crowd. He tries the lariat but Moxley bails. Kojima dives and nails him outside. Moxley knocks Kojima about outside, then goes back inside and dives at Kojima. Moxley hits a Russian Legsweep against the railing, then goes back inside the ring. Kojima follows and Moxley stomps on his hand, then bends his thumb back during a wristlock. Kojima gets up, so Moxley knees him and chops him in the corner. Things get turned around and Kojima hits Machine Gun Chops then hits a Running Elbow in the corner. Kojima goes top rope and hits a Flying Elbow for two.Kojima hits elbows but Moxley finally counters and hits a side suplex. In the corner, Moxley hits a clothesline. The two try to suplex one another but Kojima uses his power to put Moxley on the second rope. Moxley bites Kojima’s face — but Kojima does the same, then hits a nice Superplex. The two roll outside the ropes and fight on the edge of the mat. Kojima hits a nice knee lift before the match continues inside. Kojima tries a Koji Cutter but Moxley counters with a Rear Naked Choke and a Urinagi for two. Moxley locks in a cross armbar but Kojima gets his feet to the ropes. Moxley gets to his feet and hits a running knee. Moxley tries the Paradigm Shift but Kojima counters into a Brain Buster, getting two. Kojima removes his elbow pad but misses the Koji Lariat. Moxley immediately hits a German Suplex to counter and gets to his feet, hitting two standing lariats. The two then hit one at the same time but Moxley comes back with a high knee to Koji’s face. He tries the Paradigm Shift again — but Koji hits a lariat and Koji Cutter…but he can’t get to Moxley to pin him. Moxley gets to his feet and starts throwing punches. The two trade shots, hitting fists and elbows but Mox comes back with a HUGE clothesline and then the Bulldog. Kojima tries to get to the ropes and does, breaking the hold. Moxley gets to his feet and begins kicking Kojima but Kojima hits a slew of Mongolian Chops and a Headbutt — but Moxley counters and nails Koji with a Paradigm Shift — and then ANOTHER and gets the pin at 11:47.

WINNER: Jon Moxley. *** for this one. These two are outstanding together and it felt like a NJPW match.

Post-match, Moxley bows to Kojima — but is interrupted by music…and it’s apparently “The King” Minoru Suzuki. After about 30 seconds, Suzuki comes out to the ring and gets in. The crowd pops big for this. Suzuki gets in as the crowd does the “HOLY SHIT” thing. Suzuki stands toe to toe and takes off his shirt. The two jaw and Suzuki hits an elbow. Mox returns that. Suzuki smiles and counters with an elbow. Mox does the same. It’s a slew of elbows for both. The two trade clotheslines and Suzuki hits a Rear Naked Choke and hits a Low Grip Piledriver, then puts his foot on Moxley and raises his fists. That was a cool moment.

AEW Women’s Championship: Kris Statlander vs. Britt Baker, D.M.D. (c)

Statlander and the Best Friends (with O.C. come out) and they’re all wearing protective gear with goggles. Hilarious. The two women trade wristlocks and, eventually, Britt gets to the ropes after the first flurry of movement. Britt tries to get an early Lockjaw but that doesn’t work. Statlander hits a shoulder tackle but then Britt hits a kick on her while she’s showboating. Eventually, Britt gets knocked down again and Statlander gets to the top rope but Britt grabs her and hits a Fisherman’s Neckbreaker. Britt’s girls surround Statlander — but Orange goes over there and tells them to back off. They do but Britt beats up Statlander outside. Back inside, Britt hits a bunch of stomps then hits a suplex and elbows Statlander in the head from behind. Britt puts Statlander in a weak headlock and Statlander breaks free and hits elbow strikes. Statlander hits a running elbow and a running knee. She misses a clostheline and Britt nails her. Statlander immediately hits an Inside Hook Falcon Arrow and gets two for that. The two trade holds and a backslide by Britt gets two. Britt hits a kick to Statlander’s jaw. Britt’s girls give her the Lockjaw glove but Statlander gets up and hits a kick to her face. She goes for the BBT but Britt counters and gets two. Britt hits a Flatliner into the turnbuckle then goes second rope. Statlander gets up and begins hitting elbows, then, after a fight, nails a hard Superplex. Statlander gets to her feet and drags Britt to the corner. She goes top rope and goes for Area 451 and misses. Britt tries a Lockjaw but can’t get it locked in. Statlander gets to her feet with Britt on her shoulder and slams her down on her face. She hits a Scissor Kick to Britt and gets a near fall. The crowd chants “THIS IS AWESOME” as Statlander misses a standing moonsault off the mat. Britt hits a mean Curb Stomp and then rolls back into the ring. Orange encourages Statlander to get up and get back in the ring, and yells at her. Statlander does, and the crowd loves it. Britt tries the Lockjaw but Statlander reverses it and goes for the Crab…but Britt kicks Statlander away. Britt kicks Statlander in the head in the corner, then shoves the ref when he gets in her face. Britt goes to the second rope and hits The Pittsburgh Sunrise for a VERY near fall, then a Curb Stomp for a near fall — then hits the Lockjaw to retain the title at 11:38.

WINNER, AND STILL CHAMPION: Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. ***1/2. Outstanding match. Another back-and-forth match. Britt did a great job of selling the notion that she may have been in trouble and Statlander wasn’t a pushover.

We have an interview in the back with Andrade who says he’s here to fight. Chavo says he can’t find Pak just yet.

It’s time for the big cage match for the Tag Titles…

AEW World Tag Team Championship: Lucha Brothers vs. The Young Bucks (c)

We get a full on rap song with dudes in gowns and masks and flames and sparks. And then the Luchas come out, wearing what looks like Incan headdresses. This is a hell of an entrance. The Bucks come out with their entire entourage sans Kenny Omega. Don goes to the announce booth to join the trio. The crowd is hot and it’s a brawl to start. The Luchas miss clotheslines and the Bucks try to escape but Fenix just dropkicks them off. The two teams try to fling each other’s partners into them. This is reversed about four times before the Brothers finally get their shot. Fenix hits a leaping Enzuguri off the top rope after an insane sequence of moves, and then hit thrust kicks to the Bucks. The Brothers toss the Bucks into the cage, then dive at them. They try again but it’s the Brothers who miss and eat steel. The Bucks double team Penta. Fenix tries the save but gets taken out. The Bucks nail Penta with a Backstabber. Penta is wedged between the cage and mat and can’t get out. The Bucks double team Fenix and powerbomb him into the cage. Then it’s a soccer kick to Penta right in the face. They choke Fenix with a chain while continuing to make sure Penta still can’t get out. Tony calls the chain “contraband” — then declares that it’s legal. Don: “How is it ‘contraband’ if it’s LEGAL?!” Back in, Penta gets free and takes out one of the Bucks, getting two. Fenix bounces off the cage and nails Nick Jackson. The Brothers try to kick the Bucks but miss. Fenix takes a cutter and Penta takes a stunner — but Fenix comes back with a double cutter while Penta hits Matt with Made in Japan for two. After a short breather, Fenix goes top rope but Matt knocks him off. Nick hits a Sharpshooter on Penta while Matt locks his arm. Fenix makes the save. The Bucks hit the Flying Reverse Senton on Penta and get two. Fenix tries to get involved again but the Bucks kick him down. Nick picks up Penta with a Tombstone and Matt makes sure to hit a Senton on top of it. A double cover gets two. The Bucks target Fenix now but miss the knees to the head. Fenix busts loose but Nick hits dual low blows on Fenix and Penta. Nick picks up Fenix and two huge splashes off the ropes nearly get three. The Bucks begin trying to remove their masks as Don cheers them on. Tony: “Stop with the bullshit, Don…you are so full of shit, I swear…” The Bucks just toss the Brothers into the cage. Cutler picks up the doctor’s bag and tosses it into the cage. They pull a Nike shoe with thumbtacks glued to the bottom. Nick puts it on and goes to kick Fenix so Penta gets in the way and and takes the kick. The Bucks toss Fenix out of the ring and continue to go after Penta. The crowd yells “ASSHOLE” as the Bucks make sure to grind the tacks into Penta’s head. They goe for the dual knees but Fenix gets to his feet. He gets a Superkick and a Rana and it’s a BTE Trigger to Penta — but Fenix makes a last second save and the crowd goes nuts. The tack shoe is donned – but Fenix elbows his way out and takes both Bucks out with a flurry of kicks and flips. Black Fire Drop gets a NEAR fall. Penta back to his feet now and Fenix goes top rope. Nick tries to stop him but Fenix jumps up on the cage. Nick goes after him but they’re both knocked off. Dual powerbombs from both sets of brothers. Penta and Nick fight on the top turnbuckle and Penta hits a HUGE Frankensteiner. Bodies are everywhere at this point. Penta’s face is red and dripping. The four brothers chop one another. Superkick to Fenix. Fenix to Nick. Nick to Penta. Penta to Matt. Then everyone goes down via Superkick. Fenix hits another one and it’s another round and then it’s a double clothesline to end the round of kicks. Fenix gets up and it’s punches being traded and Fenix hits a roundhouse and a huge piledriver with a Fenix assist for a near fall but Matt saves the day. The Luchas get up and they plot to leave — but Fenix goes to jump on the piledriver…but it’s a save by Matt again. He looks at Fenix above him and tries to get up on the top of the cage with him — but Fenix kicks him off — and then DIVES ON EVERYONE. They hit the Fear Factor to win the titles at 22:08!

WINNERS, AND NEW CHAMPIONS: The Lucha Brothers. ****1/2 – an INSANE match, one I haven’t seen from the tag division in an awfully long time. The Luchas had to have the titles after all that. That was everything it was billed to be and more. My only wish was that it didn’t get as bloody as it did — but the storytelling and peril was top notch. What a match.

We get a recap of this match and the other matches.

Women’s Casino Battle Royale

The winner of this match will get a Women’s World Title Match. The first competitor is Hikaru Shida. The second is Skye Blue. The third is Emi Sakura. The fourth is The Bunny. Fifth is Abadon. And away we go. Shida takes a backbreaker from Sakura. Abadon ends up watching from the corner as Sakura and Shida knock down Bunny and Skye. Abadon comes out of the corer and screams at them. The fight goes to the two corners. Bunny and Skye fight and Abadon ejects Skye at 1:12. Bunny knocks out Abadon right after that at 1:18. Skye goes after Shida and Sakura. About a minute later, the next competitor is Anna Jay — and my stream dies. When it gets back, the ring is full and I can’t tell who’s in. Sakura gets booted at 4:43. Kiera Hogan was in but she’s gone at 4:58. Nyla Rose is also in and she boots Shida at 5:24. Diamante is also in the match and they team up on Bunny and Jay. Bunny and Jay fight them off and Jay tries to dump Bunny who breaks out. Bunny hits a running elbow as Diamante takes out Rose in the other corner. Thunder Rosa enters at 6:56. Penelope Ford is in right after her. Riho is in after that and it’s Jamie Hayter next. Big Swole caps this group and the editing is so bad, you can’t tell. Thankfully, AEW just recaps who enters. Diamante is eliminated by Swole at 8:50 while Swole goes out at 8:53. Rosa dropkicks Rose who tries to stumble to her feet. It’s time for the next group which consists of: Tay Conti, Red Velvet, Leyla Hirsch, Jade Cargill, and Rebel. It’s weird to have five women enter at once. So much action goes by and it’s hard to cover. Meanwhile, it’s just a series of brawls in each corner. Velvet eliminates Rebel at 12:26. Bunny goes out at 12:40 by Jay while Jay gets sent out four seconds later at 12:44. Cargill presses Hirsch out of the ring in an impressive spot at 13:10. The fighting continues until the Joker is revealed: Ruby Soho (formerly Ruby Riott in WWE) is here! Ruby goes after Nyla and gets knocked down. The crowd loves it. Rosa knocks Rose down and Rosa and Ruby gang up on Jade. Cargill fights out of it and then tosses Hayter at 16:14. Cargill tosses Velvet 15 seconds later at 16:32 — but then Cargill gets booted by Nyla at 16:44. Rosa and Soho gang up on Rosa as Conti gets tossed at 17:00.

Penelope Ford is immediately tossed from the ring at about 17:12. Ruby and Rosa are in the ring with Nyla who just takes both women out. Nyla hits a HUGE Samoan Drop and signals that she’s gonna win the title shot. She puts a boot on Ruby’s neck as the crowd chants for Ruby. Nyla hangs her upside down and goes after Rosa — who dumps Nyla at 18:45! It’s Ruby and Rosa remaining. The come face to face and Rosa throws a mean slap. It’s big chops from each other. Rosa tosses Ruby into ropes and the two hit repeated running elbows at one another. Ruby tosses Rosa outside the ropes but Rosa grabs Ruby and the two fight outside on the edge of the mat. After some kicks, Ruby tries to suplex Rosa out but Rosa holds the ropes. Rosa tries a DVD — but Ruby blocks and hols the ropes. Ruby hits a Pele Kick — and Rosa is knocked out at 22:04 to win the title shot!

WINNER: Ruby Soho. I can’t rate Battle Royales but it was a good result. Just moved a touch too quick and the “card” format makes things clunky. Entering five people at a time just distracts from the action in the ring, too. At least the right person won.

We move quickly to the next match.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman (“MJF”) vs. Chris Jericho (if Jericho loses, he retires)

We get an insane mean tease with Jericho’s old “countdown to Y2J” entrance — but it fizzles and the screens read “JERICHO’S LAST MATCH”. It’s MJF wearing a king’s robe and red Ric Flair-esque tights with his initials in cursive on the side. Jericho comes out with Floyd and his guitarist from Fozzy. The crowd sings Jericho’s song while the guitarist shreds the fuck out of the song.

MJF bails and wipes his tights with Jericho’s jacket, then rips up a fan’s Jericho sign. He gets back in the ring. The two meet with shoulderblocks, then go nose to nose. Jericho knocks MJF down, then hits some arm drags. The two try to dropkick one another but hit air. Jericho trips MJF and goes for The Walls but MJF counters into a small package for two. Jericho leaves the ring and MJF chases, punching him. Jericho gets control of things and then tosses MJF through the crowd railing into the crowd. The two fight into the fans and Jericho runs MJF’s head into an inner crowd barrier. He picks up chain stand and then throws it at MJF who goes down. Back in the ring, Jericho is in full control. He dropkicks MJF out of the ring and tries a Baseball Slide but MJF traps Jericho between the mat and apron and punches Jericho. Excalibur: “I hate to give MJF any credit…” Tony: “Then don’t.” MJF hits a Jujiwara Armbar Drop and gets a one count off that. MJF hits a suplex and covers for two. MJF locks Jericho’s arm and bites at his fingers, then poses. He puts Jericho in a headlock and thrusts his hips but Jericho suplexes him. Jericho punches and chops MJF and hits a cross chop and a Bulldog. Jericho hits a Falling Backbreaker and gets two. Jericho runs at MJF who hits an elbow and a stomp to Jericho’s left arm. He tosses Jericho into the opposite turnbuckle for a two count. He chops at Jericho and the crowd boos — so MJF gives them the finger, then does the Fargo Strut like Ric Flair and a hip thrust. MJF sends Jericho out of the ring and Aubrey gets to nine but Jericho suddenly gets up and gets in the ring. MJF tries a moonsault after Jericho leaves the ring again but misses and Jericho sense MJF’s back into the edge of the mat. Jericho gets back in the ring, as does MJF. The two trade shots and Jericho runs to the turnbuckle — but MJF hits a kneelift as Jericho leaps and gets a near fall. MJF goes to pick Jericho up but his back is bad and he can’t do it. MJF walks into Jericho who tries the Walls again but nothing doing. MJF breaks. Jericho hits a Lionsault and gets a near fall. Jericho clotheslines MJF in the corner repeatedly, then chops him and goes for a Frankensteiner — but MJF counters into a Falling Powerbomb. MJF screams in pain and covers Jericho for a near fall. Jericho and MJF get up and fight to another turnbuckle and Jericho hits a Codebreaker and gets a near fall. Wardlow is out but Jake Hager is out to intercept him and the two trade blows at the ramp. MJF has Floyd and nails Jericho with it behind Aubrey’s back. MJF hits the Judas Effect — and gets the cover but Jericho puts his foot on the ropes. Aubrey doesn’t see it and counts the fall at 18:15.

WINNER: MJF…but wait…

MJF celebrates — but a ref comes out to tell Aubrey that Jericho got his foot on the ropes. The match is restarted and Jericho hits a Small Package but gets a near fall. Jericho tries the Judas Effect but MJF puts on his finisher. Jericho reverses and gets a two count. It’s a struggle and then the Walls. MJF struggles to get out of it — but Jericho drags him back to the center of the ring and MJF taps at 20:00.

WINNER: Chris Jericho. ***1/2. An insanely well-worked match with MJF playing a great heel. Jericho can still go at his age. I loved this match.

Darby Allin vs. CM Punk

Before the match, we get a weird video of a body being zipped into a body bag and being hung from a helicopter. CM Punk comes out with Sting. Darby skateboards to the ring. The crowd is already yelling for CM Punk and the roof blows off when he comes in. Darby just glares from his corner as Punk walks around. Darby won’t get up…so CM Punk sits Indian style and glares back at Darby. Darby slinks up as does Punk, and takes his shirt off and half his body is painted. My wife: “So, he’s a HALF tree now…awesome.” The bell rings and this match is on. Punk hits a shoulderblock. The crowd chants “WELCOME BACK”. Darby locks Punk’s arm, then there’s a quick roll-up and Punk elbows out. Slam by Punk and a sleeper. Darby hits a shoulder tackle and nearly gets caught in the GTS but kicks out of it and leaves the ring. Back in the ring, it’s a side headlock by Punk but Darby hits an armdrag off the top rope. Coffin Splash in the corner by Darby. Punk retaliates by tossing Darby into the turnbuckle and out. Back in the ring, Punk knees Darby in the stomach and gets two. He locks Darby’s arm but Darby gets to the ropes. Punk hits a side suplex and gets two. Punk locks Darby’s arms, then hits a chinlock but Darby fights out. However, he runs into a Punk knee. Punk hits an Abdominal Stretch. Darby breaks out but runs into a Spinning Backbreaker for two. The crowd cheers for both guys even though they were full Punk a few minutes ago. Another Abdominal Stretch slows things down. Darby counters and runs Punks head into the mat. The two trade slaps then they both go down. Darby rolls up Punk for two. Darby counters a GTS for a roll up for two. Code Red by Darby also gets two. Darby tries the Coffin Drop but Punk knocks him off the buckle. Punk tries a suplex but Darby counters and ends up on top of Punk for two. After a series of reversals, Punk hits the GTS — but it knocks Darby out of the ring. Darby wakes up at nine as Punk waits and the fight is back on. Punk works Darby over and then knees Darby in the corner and hits a roundhouse clothesline. He signals for the GTS. Punk goes to pick Darby up and goes for the GTS but Darby elbows out of it. Punk ends up outside and Darby dives at him with a huge elbow. Darby goes top rope and hits a flipping Senton. Back in the ring, Darby signals for the Coffin Drop but Punk sits up and Darby goes down hard. While he’s distracted, Darby hits a two count. Punk goes for GTS but Darby counters and gets another two count. Darby tries the Poison Rana — but Punk counters with the GTS for the win at 16:39.

WINNER: CM Punk. ***1/2 Great match. Both guys carried their weight — though Darby’s youth showed. Fantastic series of reversals and a nice finish.

Post-match, Sting checks on Darby and goes to shake Punk’s hand. Punk accepts and the two go to revive Darby who is still laying there. When Darby finally gets to his feet, Punk puts out his hand and Darby shakes it.

We get a look at Paul Wight and QT Marshall.

QT Marshall vs. Paul Wight

The Factory attacks so Wight just dumps them out of the ring. Bell rings and it’s on. We’re already five minutes over three hours at this point and I’m not even sure why this is on the card. Anyhow, Wight chops Marshall in each corner until Marshall hits a dropkick low to drop Wight to his knees. Marshall tries to pin but Wight just presses Marshall off of him. Marshall tries a cutter but Wight just shoves him away, then clotheslines him and backdrops him. The Factory attacks again (DQ’s don’t exist, I guess) but Wight takes them out. Marshall jumps at Wight who chokeslams him and wins at 3:09.

WINNER: Paul Wight. DUD. No point for this match to begin with. The entire thing was people running at Wight and Wight just taking them out like Bruce Lee in a Kung-Fu movie. Thank god it was short.

This week on Dynamite: Minoru Suzuki takes on Jon Moxley.

Also: Ruby Soho debuts and Malakai Black and Dustin Rhodes will go at it.

On Rampage: Pak vs. Andrade

We review Kenny Omega and Christian.

AEW World Championship: Christian vs. Kenny Omega (c)

Kenny has dyed part of his hair deep blue and dark black. Omega dives at Christian and misses and the ref rings the bell. The two trade shots. Kenny hits a quick Rana and Christian is sent out of the ring. Kenny goes after Christian who chops Kenny and sends him into the crowd rail. Another rail shot and Christian gets in the ring and splashes Omega from the top turnbuckle. Omega knocks Christian down and grabs a table from under the ring. He lays it on Christian and then stomps the table. Two fans try a “holy shit” chant that lasts about 2 seconds before dying. Don and Omega get another table and set it up. Omega tries a suplex but Christian kicks out of it and reverses it.

Back in the ring, Omega hits a Sling Blade and gets two. He puts a chinlock on Christian who breaks free but Omega elbows him in the head. Omega hits a side suplex and gets two. They fight to a turnbuckle and Omega shoves Christian off the buckle to the floor outside. Omega and Don go outside. Omega attempts a moonsault off the barrier but he botches and falls on his ass. He tries to modify it and nails it, I guess and the fight goes back in the ring where Omega just slaps Christian. Chrisitan reverses things but then gets thrown hard into the buckle. Omega hits the Bushigaroshi…I don’t even think I spelled that right. He gets two. Christian regains control here and uppercuts Omega and hits a Hurricarana which Excalbur almost dubs “a senton”.

The two trade shots until Omega just punches Christian repeatedly. Omega tries a One Winged Angel but Christian counters and punches Omega in the corner. Christian leaps over Omega and tries the Cloverleaf but Omega counters it. He tries to put Christian in a corner but Christian counters for a near fall. Christian escapes a Powerbomb and a series of reversals puts Christian in the corner. Christian counters with a Swinging DDT and gets a two count. Christian goes for the Kill Switch but Omega gets out of it. Christian is in the corner and Omega hits the V-Trigger. Snap Dragon Suplex by Omega, followed by another for good measure and Christian is in trouble. Omega points to Christian and Christian gives him the finger. Omega hits another Snap Dragon and ANOTHER V-Trigger.

Omega stomps at Christian as he won’t let go of the rope. Omega tries to German Suplex Christian into the table that was set up on the floor earlier but Christian won’t budge. Omega tries a Snap Dragon instead but that goes nowhere as Christian breaks. One Winged Angel fails as well. Christian finally spears Omega into the table to get that spot out of the way. Both men are down outside. When they get into the ring, Christian hits a couple Spears but it’s only two from the referee. Christian goes top rope and tries a Frogsplash but Omega puts the knees up and Christian is down. The crowd just sounds a bit done at this point as Omega talks to Don at ringside, then hits a couple knees. Omega goes for another knee but Christian blocks. Omega counters a move by Christian and hits a V-Trigger. He goes for the Tiger Driver but Christian counters with a Cloverleaf and hits it.

Don signals for Gallows and Anderson. They come to the ring and help as Don distracts the ref. However, Omega nails Gallows instead. Christian hits the Kill Switch and gets a near fall as Don goes insane on the outside. Christian tries to set up for a big move on the buckle but Don comes in the ring to distract Christian. Christian goes for a 2nd rope Kill Switch but Omega reverses and hits a Super One Winged Angel to retain the title at 21:19.

WINNER, AND STILL CHAMPION: Kenny Omega. ***. It was decent. The crowd just sounded out of it by this point. I’m not quite sure following Punk/Darby was a great idea here. Christian already won the Impact title and I didn’t buy that he actually had a chance to beat Omega — especially since Omega seemed like he was in control the entire time.

Post-match, The Young Bucks come out to celebrate Kenny’s win along with the rest of the Elite. Then they beat on Christian some more, bringing Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus out. They get their asses handed to them as well. Omega gets a mic and tells everyone that nobody is on his level and that it doesn’t matter where he goes. The only people who have a chance to beat him aren’t here or they’re dead…the crowd is chanting “YES” all over the arena at this point…

And then the arena goes dark — and Adam Cole’s music hits. Cole gets to the ring and stares down the entire Elite. The crowd goes nuts for this despite being on the Daniel Bryan train a few seconds ago.

Then Cole knocks out Jungle Boy and joins The Elite.

Kenny Omega: “In the words of Steve Urkel: DID I DO THAT???” He chides the crowd and says that they just got trolled because the Elite has always been a friend to Adam Cole and vice versa.

Adam Cole gets a mic and says that it’s official: The Elite is the most dominant faction in this business. Nobody can stop them. Omega says that he’s gonna send the crowd home happy and blows kisses…


Bryan Danielson is HERE!!!

The roof blows off…Bryan comes into the ring and helps up his buddies and the war is about to commence.

Omega bails and Bryan and the faces destroy The Elite with Danielson destroying Nick Jackson with the Flying Knee.

The faces stand tall as AEW All Out goes off the air.

That was a moment and a GREAT way to debut Danielson after the fakeout from Adam Cole and the Elite.

OVERALL: The entire card and event was solid, from top to bottom. The only glitch was the Wight match. The rest of it, though? Near heaven. The ending was epic and reminded me so much of the nWo in the last 90’s finally being confronted by Sting. I would go **** for the entire thing. This is a whole new ballgame. Ruby, Cole, and Bryan Danielson? I’m not sure WWE has much left at this point. AEW’s game is on point and they actually book everything as it should be booked. I’ve never been so happy to leave WWE in the dust.

Er…that’s it.

NOTE: Thanks for reading. This is the first time I’ve done a wrestling review in years since leaving Scott’s Blog of Doom a while back. My old wrestling reviews can be read on our website as well if you wanna see what we did — though they’re old as dirt.

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