AEW Dynamite – September 8, 2021: A Different Perspective

AEW Dynamite

Date: September 8, 2021
Location: Fifth Third Arena, Cincinnati, Ohio
Commentators: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Taz

We’re in for a special one this week as it is the All Out fallout show, which will feature a bunch of wrestlers making their Dynamite debuts, or at least making a special appearance. The next major show is Grand Slam in two weeks and that is going to require some building up. Let’s get to it.

Here are last week’s results if you need a recap.

Note that I was in the arena for this show, sitting in the lower section, directly opposite the entrance ramp.

Opening sequence.

All Out recap video. Dang that was a show.

Dustin Rhodes vs. Malakai Black

Dustin is fighting for his family/multiple stable mates who have been taken out by Black. They start fast with Dustin hammering him into the corner and snapping off a German suplex out of said corner. Dustin takes it to the floor and keeps pounding but Black drops him hard through a table to put him in trouble. The referee goes to check on him so Black takes off a turnbuckle pad. Back in and Black knees him in the ribs before grabbing a chinlock, which looked like it was supposed to be something else. Black switches over to a kneebar but Dustin gets over to the rope without much effort.

Back up and Black kicks the knee out for two but Dustin fights back up with right hands. The scoop powerslam….seems to be mistimed, as Black holds the rope but Dustin snaps over anyway. Another attempt works better, even if Black is back up at two. Dustin hammers away in the corner but Black kicks the knee out again.

With Dustin down, it’s time to go outside and grab Cody Rhodes’ boot. Dustin gets up, blocks the Black Mass, and strikes away. The Canadian Destroyer out of the corner rocks Black for two and we hit the YOU STILL GOT IT chants. Black slips out of a suplex though and kicks the leg out, sending Dustin into the exposed buckle. Black Mass (to the arm) finishes Dustin at 9:56.

Rating: B-. They told a story here, as Dustin was in over his head but kept right on fighting because he is out to defend his family’s honor. That’s the kind of thing that Dustin would do no matter what and he was trying his hardest here. There were a few messy spots here and there, but Black continues his dominance on the road to the big rematch with Cody Rhodes.

The Lucha Bros are happy to FINALLY be the Tag Team Champions and it took a lot of blood to get here. If anyone is willing to suffer, come try and get them.

Eddie Kingston talks about Miro cheating to beat him and knows that despite what Miro said, God doesn’t play favorites.

Miro says he is going to offer Kingston’s broken bones to his wife and his soul to God.

Here is CM Punk to a crazy ovation for a chat. Punk thanks the fans for being there and has been asked if he can still do this. It feels like being on a violent bicycle, but a YOU STILL GOT IT chant cuts it off. Punk says we also have Minoru Suzuki vs. Jon Moxley in a main event that he is going to be watching as a wrestling fan. Hold on though as Punk needs to say that Aunt Linda (who raised Brian Pillman Jr. and in the front row) really is an angel.

As for All Out, we saw the debuts of Ruby Soho, Adam Cole and Bryan Danielson, the latter of whom has the fans’ attention. After All Out, Punk texted his wife April, who asked what was next. Maybe Punk should leave it up to the fans to decide what he does next. The chants are on, and the fans suggest Moxley and Pillman but Taz of all people interrupts from commentary. Punk: “Out of respect, I’ll let you speak but don’t ever interrupt me again.”

Taz is tired of this Punk love fest and doesn’t want to hear Punk about Team Taz ever again. Cue Hook and Powerhouse Hobbs as Taz says Punk has been bringing up the team in interviews and on podcasts. Punk says send Ricky Starks, Hook or Hobbs. All of them can beat Punk if they can and survive if they he lets them (Taz’s ECW catchphrase). Punk goes outside to hug Aunt Linda and highs a lot of fives. This was a heck of a segment and Punk is about as comfortable on the mic as anyone in the world right now.

Santana and Ortiz have beaten FTR and now they want the Tag Team Titles.

Ruby Soho has issued an open challenge and Jamie Hayter has accepted. Cue Britt Baker, Rebel and Hayter to say that Soho will be forgotten after she loses tonight. Soho: “Hello Brittany.” They have known each other for a long time and Soho lists off some of Baker’s nicknames, including the “baddest b**** on the block.” Soho: “This is my block.” Baker says the only nickname that matters is Women’s World Champion.

Soho is the Runaway, so why doesn’t she run away to catering like she has been doing for the last four years? The crowd gasps at that one (it was a loud gasp too) and even Hayter cringes a bit. Hayter has to get in between them and Baker promises Hayter will be giving Soho a dose of whoopa**, courtesy of Dr. Britt Baker, DMD (Tony Schiavone doing the finger wave at the same time is great). This was awesome too, as Baker has more confidence than anyone but Soho didn’t back down at all.

Dante Martin vs. Powerhouse Hobbs

Martin makes the mistake of going straight at Hobbs, who isn’t having any of that and runs him over. A springboard crossbody is cut off but Martin flips over Hobbs and kicks him out to the floor. The suicide dive is cut off though (mid-dive) and Hobbs sends him face first into the post to cut him down again. There’s a whip into the barricade and then Hobbs does it again to send us to a break.

Back with Hobbs dropping a knee for two and cranking on Martin’s neck. Martin fights up and gets to the top for a missile dropkick. A running flip splash gets two but Hooker is ready to cut off a big dive to the floor. Martin dives over him anyway and takes Hobbs out but a double springboard misses back inside. Hobbs is right back with a spinebuster for the pin at 8:24.

Rating: C+. Martin is a heck of a high flier and can make himself look good no matter what, but I couldn’t quite get to the next level with this one. The lack of dull action during the break helped, but it felt like it could have been more than what it was. That being said, both guys have all kinds of potential and should be stars around here in the pretty near future.

Dan Lambert is with the Men of the Year (right above where I was sitting) and talks about how Tony Khan is signing every person he can to hide the fact that this company isn’t the hottest thing in the world. These idiots can be played like a fiddle and maybe they can be convinced to sing a terrible song, but there are only two real men in this company. The three of them will speak with loud voices. If anyone can stop them, come do it.

We recap Matt Hardy and the Hardy Family Office vs. Orange Cassidy. Hardy wants to cut Cassidy’s hair.

Cassidy: “Whatever.”

Here is MJF, with Wardlow for an angry chat. MJF talks about how he beat Chris Jericho on Sunday but the match was restarted due to bias against him. There is bias against him because he is better than everyone else and because he hates being in S***cinati. Oh no. Now people are going to accuse him of going after CHEAP HEAT because they’re a bunch of marks.

Cincinnati is the midwest because everything here is MID. Skyline Chili? MID! (Psh. Skyline Chili would sell its Sky and its ili to get close to being “mid”.). The Cincinnati Reds? MID! Every person who lives here? MID! If anyone hates him, come jump the guardrail so he can take them out. MJF points out a woman at ringside and calls her 16 and pregnant so he goes over to yell at her. It turns out she is the daughter of Brian Pillman, which MJF says explains her looks.

Cue Brian Pillman Jr. in his dad’s Bengals jersey to say he heard MJF talking about his family and hometown. Pillman isn’t from New York, but rather a city that breeds bad***** like his dad and Jon Moxley. WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE! MJF brings up Pillman’s drug addicted mother “Methanie”, which is enough for Pillman Jr. to charge the ring but Wardlow cuts him off. There could have been 500 second generation Pillmans, but Pillman Jr. was the only one she didn’t swallow. MJF sends Wardlow to stand in the corner and look pretty, leaving MJF to threaten to abort Pillman….and the fight is on.

Wardlow pulls Pillman off but he slips by and stomps on MJF again, with Wardlow taking a bit of time to make the save. A German suplex drops Pillman so here is Griff Garrison, who is promptly taken out with the Dynamite Diamond. Pillman covers Garrison up as the villains leave. The fans went NUTS for this and MJF had as much heat for a promo as I’ve seen in a very long time.

Jon Moxley says Minoru Suzuki is dying in the jungle tonight.

Jamie Hayter vs. Ruby Soho

Britt Baker and Rebel are here with Hayter. It’s quite the reaction for Soho as the fans seem rather impressed. Hayter drives her into the corner to start and runs Soho over with a shoulder. Back up and Soho cranks on the arm, setting up a knee to the face. Hayter drops her throat first across the top though and we take a break.

We come back with Soho charging for what looks like a monkey flip but getting caught with something like a spinebuster onto the top, which is countered into a DDT. That was sweet, but only gets two, so they try a poisonrana but they kind of fall down instead. The fireman’s carry neckbreaker into a basement lariat gives Hayter two but Soho is back with whatever we’re calling the Riott Kick for the pin at 7:38.

Rating: C. Soho felt like a star but this didn’t exactly click. There were some good spots though (that bounce back into a DDT was awesome) and you know Soho is going to be moving up the ranks in a hurry. She has the title shot with Britt Baker in her back pocket and that’s more than most people have.

Post match Baker and Rebel run in to beat on Soho until Riho runs in for the failed save attempt. Kris Statlander makes the real save and I think you have a six woman tag coming.

Video on Ricky Starks vs. Brian Cage.

FTR/Shawn Spears vs. Dark Order

Earlier today, the Dark Order got in an argument over whether or not they were fine, with Tay Conti and Anna Jay telling the guys to figure this out. It’s Evil Uno/Stu Grayson/John Silver for the Order and egads Silver is popular. The rest of the Order and Tully Blanchard are here as well. Spears shoulders Silver down to start but Silver does the same and hits the double bicep. Grayson comes in to take over on Spears and it’s Uno coming in for a side slam/springboard elbow combination.

As the beating continues, Tony talks about how Tony Khan has heard CM Punk talking about wanting to face Team Taz members. Taz: “WHAT ARE YOU? TONY KHAN’S MESSENGER NOW???” Tony: Yes! I am!” Taz: “…..ok.” Silver drops Spears for two more but a jawbreaker gets spears out of trouble.

Harwood comes in to stomp away for two on Silver and even flips off Uno for trying to make a save. Silver reverses a suplex into one of his own but Wheeler and Spears knock the rest of the Order off the apron. Some knees rock Harwood and a bridging German suplex gets two. Back up and Harwood sends Silver into Uno to knock him off the apron. The slingshot suplex (Tully is pleased) sets up the C4 to finish Silver at 4:51.

Rating: C-. There was a lot here but the point was to continue showcasing the issues between the Dark Order. That is quite the problem to deal with and I’m not sure how long it is going to take before we hit the full on split. Hopefully it involves some of the members fading away or changing themselves in a big way, as there is no need to have most of these people around.

Post match FTR and Spears leave and the Dark Order finally explodes. Tay Conti and Anna Jay come out to glare at them but Conti holds Jay back from going to help. Not shown here, but the women eventually turned around and stormed off.

Video on Ruby Soho winning the Casino Battle Royal, with a lot of women getting to talk about how great they were in the match.

Tully Blanchard talks about how happy he was with his team demolishing the Dark Order. Then you have people like Sting and Darby Allin as people from his past and present, so next week, Blanchard wants Spears vs. Allin for next week. At the same time, Blanchard and Sting are going to go face to face. That gets a big gasp.

Sammy Guevara comes out with his signs, which talk about how great summer has been and gives a plug for his social media.

Griff Garrison is in the trainer’s room getting ice on his eye. Brian Pillman Jr. is here too and wants to get his hands on MJF at Grand Slam. The Acclaimed comes in with some ice and flowers with Max Caster saying he has a match with Pillman for Rampage. That’s cool with Pillman, who throws down the flowers.

Tony Schiavone brings out the Elite (and there are a lot of them) for a chat. Don Callis thanks the fans for making Kenny Omega #1 in the PWI 500 (Callis: “Thank you for your votes! And your money!”) At All Out, the Young Bucks had the greatest tag match in the history of the world but the titles were stolen from them. They have a plan to get the titles back, but they also got their best friend back.

Cue Adam Cole for Storytime, but first of all he gets in Tony’s face. Cole: “Now I know that you are really close with Britt Baker.” The crowd is into this as Cole threatens to kick him in the face if he even looks at her the wrong way and throws Tony out. Cole puts over the company as the best in the world because of the Elite. Anyone who bought a shirt, the pay per view or a ticket did it because of them.

Cole talks about the Bucks and Omega being the best ever and you should all be thanking them because now the Elite is complete BAY BAY! You’ll see it even more when he makes his in-ring debut next week and you will see how elite he really is. Kenny Omega thinks that’s a reason for a celebration, but all of the interruptions at All Out bothered him. Cue Bryan Danielson so Omega asks if he can have the ring.

Omega invites Danielson in and Danielson asks the fans a quick question: do you want to see the two of them fight? That’s a completely non-trademark infringing affirmative so Danielson confirms that he is better than Omega. That means he’s going to kick Omega’s head in and prove that he isn’t on Danielson’s level. Omega lunches and gets pulled into the YES Lock.

The Elite comes in but here are Kazarian, Christian Cage and the Jurassic Express to clear them out, with Luchasaurus throwing Marko Stunt onto the pile (and over Christian, who didn’t seem to know it was coming). Brandon Cutler is left alone in the ring and it’s Danielson’s running knee to knock him silly. Heck of a Dynamite debut here, though I want to see Schiavone vs. Cole more than anything else.

Here’s what’s coming at various shows.

Minoru Suzuki vs. Jon Moxley

Suzuki’s entrance is cut short and they don’t even get to the chorus of his song. That being said, the fans getting to hear Wild Thing for Moxley kind of renders that meaningless. Moxley takes his time getting to the ring and is clearly thrilled to be in his hometown. They waste no time in going with the exchange of forearms and the fans dub it awesome. An exchange of kicks to the face rocks both of them so Moxley knocks him into the ropes as we take a break.

Back with Suzuki kicking him in the face but the running kick to the chest is blocked. They trade bites to the face (this should not surprise you) and then headbutts, including both of them hitting a headbutt at the same time. It’s time for another forearm off until Moxley’s running lariat is blocked. Another attempt is countered a failed choke attempt so Suzuki tries the Gotch Style piledriver.

That’s countered into the Paradigm Shift as Suzuki is bleeding from the eye. A lariat gives Moxley two but another lariat can’t even knock Suzuki down. Instead he hits a running dropkick to take Moxley down as that eye is VERY busted. Moxley drops him with a right hand and grabs the lifting Paradigm Shift (making it a butterfly suplex) for the pin at 8:08.

Rating: B. They beat on each other for a little while but I kept waiting to see this get to the next level. It wasn’t quite the brawl that I was expecting, though Suzuki’s eye being busted open was certainly a sight. Moxley winning a near dream match over a legend in his hometown was a great way to end the show though and it felt special as a result, which was the right idea.

Moxley celebrates in the crowd (in the section next to me) to end the show.

Overall Rating: B. I’ve seen most of these wrestlers in person before but never at an AEW event. The word you hear about AEW is “fun” and that is exactly what you got here. It was a very entertaining two hours and that’s all you could ask for. The seats were cheap (about $34 each counting fees) and good, the wrestling was solid and there was star power galore. What else can you ask for out of something like this? Save for Rampage and Dark: Elevation of course, but for now we’ll just settle for a solid AEW Dynamite.

Malakai Black b. Dustin Rhodes – Black Mass
Powerhouse Hobbs b. Dante Martin – Spinebuster
Ruby Soho b. Jamie Hayter – Riott Kick
FTR/Shawn Spears b. Dark Order – C4 to Silver
Jon Moxley b. Minoru Suzuki – Lifting Paradigm Shift




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