AEW Rampage – December 3, 2021: After The Fire

AEW Rampage

AEW Rampage
Date: December 3, 2021
Location: Gas South Arena, Duluth, Georgia
Commentators: Taz, Ricky Starks, Excalibur

This week we get to find out what happens after Cody Rhodes lit himself on fire to try and get people to cheer for him. That could make for a slightly weakened crowd, but I’m not sure how much of a difference it is going to make. At least the card looks good this week so let’s get to it.

Here is Dynamite if you need a recap.

Opening sequence.

TNT Title: Sammy Guevara vs. Tony Nese

Guevara is defending and goes right after Nese at the bell. Nese is sent outside and the big running flip dive takes him down again, but Guevara bangs up his own ribs in the process. Guevara gets sent into the steps but comes back with some chops against the barricade. Back in and a gutbuster plants Guevara again and Nese gets to stomp away at the bad ribs. The double springboard moonsault gets two on Guevara, setting up a spinning kick to the face for two. The logical bodyscissors goes on and we take a break with Guevara in trouble.

Back with Guevara fighting out of a half crab and kicking away at Nese. That just earns him another half crab, which is broken up as well. This time Guevara hits a Spanish Fly for two and Guevara sends him outside, setting up a heck of a springboard moonsault. Back in and another Guevara springboard is broken up, setting up Nese’s running flip dive to the floor. A 450 gives Nese two so he powerbombs Guevara into the corner. The running Nese is countered with a kick to the face though and a nasty GTH retains the title at 13:03.

Rating: B-. AEW certainly does love itself some rib injuries, but Guevara knows how to make this work very well. There’s a lot of Jeff Hardy in him, as it is easy to want to see him fight through the odds and win in the end. That’s one of those intangibles that you either have or you don’t and Guevara makes it work as well as anyone else these days.

A rather intense Christian Cage promises to make Jurassic Express the Tag Team Champions if it is the last thing he does.

Jade Cargill vs. Janai Kai

Kai, the Kick Demon, is Thunder Rosa’s student so Rosa is on commentary. Jade kicks her in the face and Jaded finishes at 32 seconds.

Post match the beatdown continues so Rosa comes to the ring and the fight is on, with Rosa’s strikes not exactly looking great. Referees break it up, fail to break it up, then break it up again.

The Superkliq tells Orange Cassidy to find his best friends and meet them in a six man. I’m not sure why Don Callis casually walked by during the segment but at least he didn’t talk.

Eddie Kingston is ready to end 2.0 and Daniel Garcia.

Video on Bryan Danielson vs. John Silver. Danielson says that Silver is thirty and making jokes. When Danielson was thirty, he was winning World Championships.

Mark Henry does his face to face interview between FTR and Pac/Pentagon. Pac is ready for revenge for revenge on FTR for taking out Rey Fenix.

Pac/Penta El Cero Miedo vs. FTR

Non-title with Alex Abrahantes and Tully Blanchard as seconds. Penta and Cash start things off and the glove is thrown, with Abrahantes catching it on the floor. Pac comes in for his share of some stereo dropkicks to put Wheeler on the floor. A quick breather on the floor doesn’t go well for FTR as Harwood comes back in, only to get caught with the dropkick What’s Up.

Pac gets to strike away but the eye patch messes with his vision, allowing Harwood to punch him down instead. We take a break and come back with Pac knocking Wheeler into the barricade but Harwood breaks up the tag attempt. Something like a Demolition Decapitation gets two as the fans want Penta. Pac knocks Harwood off the top though and it’s back to Penta to clean house. Everything breaks down and the Backstabber out of the corner gets two on Wheeler.

Pac superkicks Harwood down and a spinning sunset flip to Wheeler gets two more. Penta and Harwood head outside and it’s a right hand into a tiger driver for two on Pac. Back up and Pac is rammed into Tully on the apron but he’s fine enough to roll Harwood up for two. Wheeler hits a tornado DDT to plant Penta on the floor but Pac moonsaults onto FTR. Back in and Harwood claims a knee injury, allowing Malakai Black to come in and mist Pac so Harwood can steal the pin at 20:20.

Rating: B. As good as you would have expected from these guys and that’s a rather nice result to have. Death Triangle was doing their hard hitting stuff while FTR was working hard and using every dirty trick in the book. It’s a chemistry that works well and they were feeling it here. Good main event, even with the last minute substitution.

Post match Black goes after Pac’s eye like a good evildoer should.

Overall Rating: B+. Another heck of a use of an hour here as they had two good matches and set up Rosa vs. Cargill in the tournament. This is the kind of show that works best for Rampage: giving some actual time to stuff that can’t be crammed into Dynamite and letting it have an impact. Somehow the hour long show feels far less rushed than the two hour edition and that is quite the upgrade a lot of the time.

Sammy Guevara b. Tony Nese – GTH
Jade Cargill b. Janai Kai – Jaded
FTR b. Pac/Penta El Cero Miedo – Rollup to Pac



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