AEW Rampage – February 11, 2022: Dang They’re Good At This

AEW Rampage

AEW Rampage
Date: February 11, 2022
Location: Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, New Jersey
Commentators: Excalibur, Ricky Starks, Chris Jericho, Taz

This show has its work cut out for it after this week’s pretty awesome Dynamite. They do have a pretty big card already set though as the Young Bucks are back in action against Roppongi Vice. That means we could be in for a Jay White appearance as well, plus maybe something more on Jon Moxley/Bryan Danielson later. Let’s get to it.

Here is Dynamite if you need a recap.

Opening sequence.

Young Bucks vs. Roppongi Vice

Orange Cassidy is here with Vice and they’re already in the ring so we’re starting fast this week. Beretta sends Nick outside to start and so Matt comes in and get punched back and forth into the corners. The Bucks get kicked down though and heads up the ramp, with Roppongi Vice giving chase.

That means the Bucks can hit stereo superkicks and try to beat the countout. Vice makes it back in time and it’s Romero getting caught with a neckbreaker/backbreaker combination. With Vice on the floor, Matt helps Nick get up for a huge dive to take them out again. Cassidy goes underneath the ring but it’s Danhausen coming out as Vice cleans house. Danhausen leaves after a hand bump with Cassidy, leaving Romero to hit Nick with a running Sliced Bread.

We take a break and come back with the Bucks in control and everything breaking down. Nick gets caught with a Doomsday Device knee on the floor (don’t worry as he’s back on his feet thirteen seconds later) and a top rope double stomp to the back gets two. An exchange of suplexes and superkicks leave everyone down until Matt and Trent are back up. Strong Zero gets two on Matt but the Meltzer Driver gets the same on Romero. Back up and the BTE Trigger finishes for Matt at 13:18.

Rating: B. That was certainly a Bucks match. They did their flips, they did their dives, and they looked very choreographed doing it all. The Bucks are crazy athletic and talented, but this isn’t the place to go if you are looking for a match that feels like a fight. I’m not sure what to call it, but it feels much more like a rehearsed performance than anything else.

Post match Brandon Cutler tries the cold spray on Orange Cassidy and gets Orange Punched. The Bucks come in and drop Cassidy so Romero makes the save. Cue Jay White with the Bladerunner on Romero.

Bryan Danielson doesn’t care about CM Punk and Jon Moxley teaming together on Dynamite because he wants a long term relationship with Moxley. That thing with Punk? Just a one night stand! Matt Sydal and Lee Moriarty come in, with Sydal saying he didn’t like Danielson suggesting that Moriarty needs a good coach. Danielson says Moriarty needs to learn violence, which has Moriarty challenging him for Dynamite. Game on.

Britt Baker vs. Robyn Renegade

Non-title. They trade chinlocks to start until Renegade is up with a wristlock. Baker pulls that down into an armbar and knocks her down again as we take a break. Back with Renegade hitting a 450 for two, which has Baker getting a bit more serious. Some low superkicks and a fisherman’s neckbreaker rock Renegade and the Stomp finishes her off at 7:28.

Rating: C. It wasn’t competitive and it didn’t need to be, as this was more about giving Baker a win to keep her warm. Baker hasn’t been in the ring as much lately and it is nice to see her getting back in there and doing her thing. The good thing is that she seems to be getting ready for the big showdown with Thunder Rosa and that is where we should be going.

Post match Baker puts her in the Lockjaw but here is Thunder Rosa for the save and the big beatdown. Jamie Hayter runs in for the save and Baker has to calm down Hayter and Mercedes Martinez.

Layla Hirsch talks about being in a Russian orphanage and doesn’t think Kris Statlander’s story matches up. Statlander says that’s the kind of attitude that made Layla’s parents give her up. Well that’s harsh. Violence is teased.

Hook vs. Blake Li

Hook throws him down to start and unloads in the corner with the heavy shots. There’s a gutwrench suplex but Li knocks him out of the corner. A springboard crossbody misses as Hook casually steps aside, setting up a t-bone suplex. Redrum is enough to make Li tap at 2:47. Hook’s star continues to rise and they continue to present him as perfectly as they could. Well maybe not having him near QT Marshall might help.

We get the face to face showdown between Billy Gunn and the Gunn Club and Christian Cage/the Jurassic Express. Billy talks about all of the statements they have made, with the Tag Team Titles coming to them next. Christian and the champs promise to destroy the Club for good.

Tag Team Titles: Jurassic Express vs. Gunn Club

The Club is challenging and Christian Cage/Billy Gunn are the seconds. Jungle Boy takes Austin down to start and they trade an exchange of wristlocks. It’s off to Luchasaurus to knock the Club outside and then beat them up inside. Snake Eyes hits Austin and there’s a big chop to put him down again. Colton gets in a cheap shot though and the Club takes over as we take a break.

Back with Colton ducking Jungle Boy’s lariat but getting superkicked instead. That’s enough for the hot tag off to Luchasaurus and everything breaks down. The double chokeslam is escaped so the Club heads outside, with Jungle Boy hitting a big running flip dive. Back in and the chokeslam plants Colton, setting up a standing moonsault for two.

Another Jungle Boy dive hits Luchasaurus though and the Quick Draw drops Jungle Boy on the floor. A belt shot to the head gives Austin a very close two but Luchasaurus pulls Colton outside. That means a chokeslam over the barricade as Christian spears Billy. Jungle Boy Killswitches Austin to retain at 12:34.

Rating: B-. The Express continues to get better as they rack up one win after another. They might not be as great as some of the top teams around here but at least they are doing the right things and building up a resume. The Club did their part here as well and that made for a solid enough main event.

Overall Rating: B+. This is what Rampage should be: a bunch of a matches that showcase some stars and get some time (some more than others) without overstaying its welcome. It might not always be the most important content, but when they get the formula right, it can be one of the more entertaining shows going. Rather good job this week.

Young Bucks b. Roppongi Vice – BTE Trigger to Romero
Britt Baker b. Robyn Renegade – Stomp
Hook b. Blake Li – Redrum
Jurassic Express b. Gunn Club – Killswitch to Austin




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