AEW Rampage – February 25, 2022: The Fast Show

AEW Rampage

AEW Rampage
Date: February 25, 2022
Location: Webster Bank Arena, Bridgeport, Connecticut
Commentators: Excalibur, Taz, Chris Jericho

We are less than two weeks away from Revolution and the show has mostly come together. There were three more matches announced for the card this week on Dynamite so now it is time to start hammering in the build. That might be the case this week, as Rampage tends to have some storyline progression to go with the main wresting focus. Let’s get to it.

Here are last week’s results if you need a recap.

Opening sequence.

TNT Title: Andrade El Idolo vs. Sammy Guevara

Andrade, with Matt Hardy, is challenging and he takes it to the mat early. A chop rocks Sammy but he’s back with a kick to the face. Neither of them can hit a finisher early so it’s a shoulder to put Sammy down again. Sammy knocks him outside and teases the dive but Andrade slides back in. That’s fine with the champ, who hits the Spanish Fly to drop Andrade this time.

Sammy’s springboard is loaded up but Andrade shoves him off the top and out to the floor for a crash into the barricade as we take a break. Back with Andrade being sent outside again, this time for a big running flip dive. Andrade is fine enough to hit a slingshot hanging DDT onto the apron (cool) but Sammy grabs a super Spanish Fly for two more.

They slug it out until Andrade goes to unhook the turnbuckle pad, allowing Matt to unhook the other pad. Sammy is back up with a failed GTH attempt, allowing Andrade to roll him up for two with his feet on the rope. Replays showed that Matt shoved the foot off, allowing Sammy to jump over him and hit a superkick. Sammy goes up on the exposed buckle but Andrade is up there to meet him. That earns him a kick to the face, sending Andrade down onto the exposed buckle. The double springboard cutter drops Andrade to retain the title at 12:24.

Rating: B. The match was a bit clunky in places but Sammy getting another win, and possibly knocking Andrade away from the title picture for a bit, are both good things. There was one minor note here that got my attention: Jericho mentioned that Sammy asked him to stay out of this at all costs. It was a quick line, but it explained why Jericho wasn’t down there helping his buddy when he was dealing with a numbers advantage. One quick explanation covered an issue and that is very nice to see. Er, hear.

Post match Matt jumps Guevara, but Darby Allin and Sting run in for the save.

Here is QT Marshall to complain about Hook not being the nicest guy in the world. Marshall takes credit for teaching Hook how to be respectful and says he made Hook the man he is today. Taz: “He’s lost his mind.” Why doesn’t Hook get out here right now and get stretched? Cue Hook, so here are Marshall’s students to go after hook, who takes them out in a hurry. One of the students bails instead.

Dan Lambert has talked to Tony Khan about getting Scorpio Sky a TNT Title match but Khan only offered him a Face of the Revolution ladder match. Sky isn’t pleased but Ethan Page tells him to trust Lambert, who promises to get him his TNT Title shot before the winner of the ladder match gets theirs.

Nick Comorato vs. Wardlow

Wardlow gets knocked down to start but he’s back up with some suplexes. We take a break and come back with Wardlow slipping out of an Alabama Slam and hitting the Powerbomb Symphony for the pin at 6:25.

Rating: C. Why in the world was there a commercial in a match that barely broke six minutes? What we got was more of the Wardlow power display and that is always fun. It’s nice to see him doing this against someone who has some size and power of their own too, as Wardlow has mainly been squashing the smaller guys.

Post match Aaron Solow goes after Wardlow but Shawn Spears makes the save with a chair. Wardlow isn’t happy but Spears says the Powerbomb Symphony thing isn’t working. Spears tells Wardlow to get back to basics with NO MORE POWERBOMBS! Wardlow has so much potential and Spears and Max are so proud of him. Hugging ensues.

Kayla Sparks vs. Serena Deeb

It’s the Professor’s Five Minute Challenge so Deeb jumps her to start and chokes with a jacket. An uppercut to the back of the neck drops Sparks again and the Serenity Lock finishes for Deeb at 2:32.

It’s time for a Thunder Rosa/Britt Baker contract signing. Rosa says it’s time for a champion who doesn’t cheat and signs. Baker goes on a rant about how she got everything out of their Lights Out match, like the shirt and the action figure. Rosa is stuck wrestling online and being jealous because she’s so insecure. Baker signs and Rosa jumps her with Baker’s goons coming in for the beatdown. Mercedes Martinez makes the save and Rebel is put through a table. This was fast and felt like it belonged on Smackdown.

We get the face to face showdown between Orange Cassidy, with Wheeler Yuta, and the Acclaimed. Max Caster says Cassidy looks like Ryan Gosling with scurvy but Cassidy says he stopped listening hours ago.

Face of the Revolution Ladder Match Qualifying Match: Anthony Bowens vs. Orange Cassidy

Max Caster and Wheeler Yuta are here too. Hold on though as Cassidy is going to rap as well. Actually make that the lazy kicks before taking out the Acclaimed. Cassidy: “Word to your mother.” Caster takes out Yuta with a chain to the face, leaving Bowens to drop Cassidy face first onto the apron.

We take a break and come back with Bowens sending him into the buckle a few times. Cassidy slips away though and hits a high crossbody, only to get caught with a superkick. The Stundog Millionaire gets Cassidy out of trouble again and he plants Bowens with a Michinoku Driver for two. Bowens catches him on the apron but Cassidy takes out Caster on the floor.

There’s a big springboard flip dive to drop Bowens and Caster again as the pace picks up. Back in and top rope DDT and a spinning DDT plant Bowens for two but Bowens gets in a shot of his own. Caster goes after Cassidy but here’s Danhausen to curse Caster instead. The Orange Punch to Caster sets up an Orange Punch to Bowens to send Cassidy to Revolution at 10:15.

Rating: C+. There wasn’t much drama to this one but Cassidy can put on some entertaining matches under the right circumstances. If nothing else, the word to your mother part at the beginning was good for a chuckle. The Acclaimed continue to look pretty good in defeat, though their talking and charisma are the real strong points.

Overall Rating: B-. I’m still not a big fan out of how rushed this show tends to feel. There were no entrances until the Cassidy vs. Bowens match, which might not be that important but it would be nice to have a chance to see what is going on before the action starts fast. That point aside, this was still a good show with nothing bad and a solid opener. Another fun night, though you don’t need to see much after the title match.

Sammy Guevara b. Andrade El Idolo – Springboard cutter
Wardlow b. Nick Comorato – Powerbomb Symphony
Serena Deeb b. Kayla Sparks – Serenity Lock
Orange Cassidy b. Anthony Bowens – Orange Punch




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