Last episode: Eva Marie learned she had scored a Maxim Magazine shoot which saw the other Divas jealous of her actions.  JoJo, inspired by Eva Marie’s success, teamed up with Naomi to record their version of The Funkadactyl’s theme song which, when edited by Naomi’s dad, was so “great”, theyContinue Reading

In our last episode, “Diva Las Vegas”, a lot of discussions about (and problems with) drinking occurred as the crew went to Vegas to celebrate Natalya’s Bachelorette and Tyson’s Bachelor party. Our Bachelorette, Natalya, was actually one of the least sloppy drunks, though, she did drunkenly confess to being aContinue Reading

In our last episode, ‘”Feuding Funkadactyls” (MATT: AKA, “Women Be Trippin’ Because One Refused to Be Shoppin’”), the Divas learned their expectations would often be quite different from their reality: Natalya expected her homecoming match in Calgary would be just one of many highlights of a fantastic birthday week. NotContinue Reading

In our last episode, “The Fat Twin”, all the Divas set women back at least 70 years by focusing way too much on their boobs at the expense of thinking of themselves and other women as whole individuals. Cameron, jealous of Nikki’s implants, visited a surgeon to discuss getting herContinue Reading

Last episode, “Planet Funk is Funked Up”, was all about Divas having to make sacrifices: JoJo had to choose between keeping her boyfriend or pursuing her WWE career and chose the latter. Obviously, as we know, it didn’t exactly work out. She’s not only off WWE’s main roster of performers,Continue Reading

In the first episode of Total Divas, “Welcome to the WWE”, we learned that our Divas are opinionated women some of whom seem just as likely to get into a street fight with each other as fight a match in the ring. I’m joined on this recap with special commentary from MattContinue Reading

(NOTE: This is a column that my wife and I produced for our blog as well as Scott’s Blog of Doom. As this is entertainment television – and no worse than, say, “The Bachelor” – we thought it would find a nice home here. Each piece is written by Danielle Stolman,Continue Reading