We lead off with Lillian Garcia singing “America the Beautiful”. Some nice shots of SunLife Stadium. That place is fucking ugly. Lillian ranges from fair to decent. She tries too hard. Tradition video package narrated by character actor, Keith David. Tonight…”paths will cross and eras will end”. They shouldContinue Reading

  As of the time I started: there are TWO HOURS left ’til Wrestlemania! (As of 2014, I am doing this project again. I will probably do it one more time next year. We actually have two more. But this year, I’m making good time.) I have to hurry…(Calm down,Continue Reading

Here we go… I’ve got one more after this. I figure if I can finish this one and do XXVII on Sunday BEFORE Wrestlemania 28, then all is well and I will have finished my project. (If you keep seeing bi-polar reporting, it’s because I wrote these two years agoContinue Reading

This year, Wrestlemania took place at the huge Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan. Because the dead bodies were mounting, Vince McMahon instituted a “Wellness Policy” where all of his performers were screened for drug and steroid use. This served to prove that McMahon was running a clean operation and, also,Continue Reading

Wrestlemania was held at the Allstate Arena in Illinois in 2006. Just the facts, ma’am: Cena was the WWE Champion for the rest of the year until Edge cashed in that Money in the Bank contract right after Cena BARELY won his Elimination Chamber match and got the title. Cena,Continue Reading

I’m making good time here… Wrestlemania 21 would take place in Los Angeles at the Staples Center. The facts were these: Benoit would lose the title five months later to Randy Orton who would become the youngest Heavyweight Champion of all-time at 24 years old. How long was his illustriousContinue Reading

Twenty years later, Wrestlemania would return to Madison Square Garden in New York. Had the storylines changed? Oh yeah…let’s review: Triple H had remained World Heavyweight Champion for ten straight months. This is about the time I tuned out because he wouldn’t put anybody over and I got sick ofContinue Reading